Eco Policy

When it comes to a choice between PVCu or metal, and wood, it is clear which is more environment-friendly. With wood there’s no industrial process, no harmful waste, no noxious fumes. When properly managed, wood is sustainable and far preferable to the use of aluminium or petrochemical-based plastics. Wood that is protected and well maintained is also extremely durable and can last a lifetime.

Taylors Joinery is committed to supporting the responsible management of the world’s timber resources by promoting the trade in timber products from well-managed forests, where wood is produced in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council – FSC.

We are also committed to care of the environment in the minimising and disposal of our own waste, carefully sorting all waste for recycling. Where possible, we use locally sourced wood – supporting local businesses and helping to reduce pollution.

As well as manufacturing our range of highly efficient windows and doors we build efficiency on to our kitchens where possible, with appliances rated AAA for efficiency and purpose built units incorporating recycling and composting bins, so that clients have the opportunity to recycle their own waste products efficiently.