Bi-fold Conservatory Doors in Exeter

Our joiners have been working hard on creating these stunning bi-fold conservatory doors, after the customer approached us looking for conservatory doors that would improve both warmth and security.

Taking these needs into consideration we advised our customers that Sapele hardwood in the stylish factory finished white would be the best wood for the job. The bespoke doors took just one week to be created in the workshop and just one day for our joiners to install the bi-fold doors on site.

To add to the finishing touches, we cut the track directly in to the finished Oak flooring, this tricky job required skill and technique but the finished result looks excellent and this means the whole space can be opened up to create a larger room with no risk of tripping.

If your conservatory doors are in need of a revamp then contact us today and allow us to come up with a bespoke suggestion that best suits you and your home.