Bowed Bay Sliding Sash Windows in Devon, Shaldon House

We have currently recreated some Bowed Bay Sliding Sash Windows for Shaldon House located on the seafront. Their windows had rotted gradually over time, and needed replaced:

It was important that the new windows were in keeping with the look and feel of the historic building. This meant the windows could not be replicated in plastic or metal, so a bespoke joinery service was required. Our talented joiners set out to match the existing windows in order to create carbon copies of the originals.

We paid huge attention to detail during this project, surveying all the details and creating templates that would help us achieve the exact same finished product. The two huge curved windows certainly add character to the house and the timber finish helps to keep the historic nature intact. This is the finished result:

At Taylors Joinery we are really glad that we have staff with the skills and experience to help maintain such a beautiful building.