Bespoke Oak Porch in Exeter, Devon

This project saw us design, manufacture and fit this Oak porch for a client in Exeter, Devon. Before and after:

The Exeter house with walls but no porch. After installation, the Oak porch inkeeping with the house style.

During the design stage we met with the client to discuss their ideas for the porch. Details such as section sizes and proportion, how the joints needed to be finished and whether the supporting braces should be curved or straight needed to be considered at this early stage.

The most important factor of the design was that it was in keeping with the style of the cottage, and exactly what the client wanted.

The client provided us with drawings and photos of the kind of porch they liked:

Front elevation porch design   Side elevation porch design

We worked together on the final design, using these designs and the clients ideas plus our recommendations on materials and structure.

After a 6 week planning stage it was decided the porch would be made in 10 year air dried Oak for stability, and we would manufacture rafters and batons to allow a slate roof to be fitted.

Thanks to good communication and interpretation between us and the client, we were able to design the porch without the need of an architect or CAD.

Our joiners Pete and Matt manufactured and fitted the porch in 2 weeks.

The client was very happy with the finished project and has kindly sent us the photos on this page. Side elevation photo of the finished porch:

Side elevation of Oak porch once installed